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Infographic promoting Surface 3 from Microsoft

APAC SurfacePro3 infographic FINAL 1_editing_legal

As Microsoft announced the availability of Surface Pro 3 in 25 new markets today including much of Europe and Far East , Microsoft has released an infographic to promote Surface 3 to the Asian market. The infogrpahic is based on a survey of 2900 professionals from Australia , New Zealand , Singapore , HongKong , Taiwan , Thailand , Korea ... Read More »

EarthRipper – What’s on Other Side of Earth


Ever wondered what if you start digging a hole where you stand , where it will lead to the other part of the earth, a new concept app , Earth Ripper can now satisfy your query. Earth Ripper is a  Conversations ( Official blog of Microsoft Devices aka Nokia ) MakeMyApp winner and it helps you see what’s on the ... Read More »

Using Office365 in Pakistan

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 18.37.22

Microsoft Office , I can’t recall since when I’ve been using this productivity suite , I think it was in 1993 , during my time in school when I started using Word 6 , since then there is no other productivity suite which can come close to it and I have used plenty , from Apple’s iWork suite ( Pages , ... Read More »

Circle Notes – Rotating Your Notes


Circle Notes Available for FREE on Windows Phone Store , is a nifty note keeping application making keeping track of notes simple. As the name implies , Circle Notes , uses a revolving circle , divided in 4 colors with 5 segments each, to keep track of notes .  The colors , divided in Red , Yellow , Green and ... Read More »

Action Center and Notifications on Lumia Cyan

SenseApplied Lumia Cyan Action Center

If you haven’t gotten the Lumia Cyan update yet on your Lumia 520 , 920 , 1020 , 1320 or 1520  , you should immediately check it’s availability on your device through Settings—Phone Update preferable on a WiFi Connection. Lumia Cyan along with Windows Phone 8.1 is bringing a wide array of enhancements making your Lumia more productive. Through a ... Read More »

My Kid’s First Lumia

SenseApplied Lumia 630 1

Kids sure grow up fast , I remember my son playing borrowing my phone to play Angry Birds on it and now as he turns 13 and has demanded his own cellphone .  Some may not agree to give a cellphone to such a ‘young’ kid but given the law and order situation in my city , having a cellphone is ... Read More »

Lumia – 4G Compatible Devices in Pakistan

Nokia Microsoft Lumia 930 LTE

With WairdTel Pakistan launching their 4G LTE services  in the 1st week of September , you have to consider that  only 4G LTE Compatible devices will be able to use this technology. Now in case of Samsung , they are making a fool of Pakistan by only officially launching their Exynos equipped processor ‘highend’ devices which are only capable of running ... Read More »

Running Cortana in Pakistan or any unsupported country

If you are a user of Lumia 520 , 925, 1020 , 1320 or 1520 in Pakistan , you must have already upgraded your device to the latest Nokia Cyan. If you haven’t just scroll down to Phone Update in Settings and check for update , it will be there ( WiFi Connection required due to it’s size ) Now ... Read More »

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