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Action Center and Notifications on Lumia Cyan

SenseApplied Lumia Cyan Action Center

If you haven’t gotten the Lumia Cyan update yet on your Lumia 520 , 920 , 1020 , 1320 or 1520  , you should immediately check it’s availability on your device through Settings—Phone Update preferable on a WiFi Connection. Lumia Cyan along with Windows Phone 8.1 is bringing a wide array of enhancements making your Lumia more productive. Through a ... Read More »

My Kid’s First Lumia

SenseApplied Lumia 630 1

Kids sure grow up fast , I remember my son playing borrowing my phone to play Angry Birds on it and now as he turns 13 and has demanded his own cellphone .  Some may not agree to give a cellphone to such a ‘young’ kid but given the law and order situation in my city , having a cellphone is ... Read More »

Lumia – 4G Compatible Devices in Pakistan

Nokia Microsoft Lumia 930 LTE

With WairdTel Pakistan launching their 4G LTE services  in the 1st week of September , you have to consider that  only 4G LTE Compatible devices will be able to use this technology. Now in case of Samsung , they are making a fool of Pakistan by only officially launching their Exynos equipped processor ‘highend’ devices which are only capable of running ... Read More »


SenseApplied Warid LTE SIM

We have heard about , we have waited for it and here it is , the first look at Warid Tel Pakistan’s LTE SIM Card  Warid , a subsidy of AbuDhabi Group , is going to be the first carrier in Pakistan to launch 4G LTE  , with expected start of services in September 2014 . As a Warid customer ... Read More »

Bang – The Little Speaker That Could

Microsoft Coloud Bang Range

If you are familiar with Nokia’s accessory alliances , then Zound Industries will be a familiar name for you,  giving us Coloud  Knock , Pop and Boom Headphones last year which can be bought from Nokia Care or retailers such as Target. After the takeover by Microsoft , the cooperation between the two companies has continued resulting in BANG ( ... Read More »

Lumia 930 , now available in Pakistan

Lumia 930 -  SenseApplied

Today we got the news from Microsoft Devices Pakistan , that Lumia 930, the Windows Phone 8.1 ( Lumia Cyan ) equipped flagship is now available in Pakistan. As per Kamran Masood Niazi, Communications Manager, Microsoft Devices Pakistan, “The Lumia 930 is our latest flagship device in the Lumia range, which comes with beautifully crafted flagship design, flagship specs from ... Read More »

Microsoft Axing 18,000 Jobs , 12,500 exNokians to go.


It wasn’t the platform of Nokia X which was booted out of Microsoft today , some 18,000 employees will also be shown the door in the coming year at Microsoft with Ex Nokia employees taking the worst at 12,500 are earmarked to be lay off. In his letter to Microsoft employees , CEO Satya Nadella said The first step to ... Read More »

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