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The New Surface 3 is Here

Tablets are all the rage nowadays , I’d been using Apple iPad for my office use for a good 4 years now starting from iPAD 2 to now iPad Air 128GB , but I always missed the versatility of Windows platform as our ERP solution is all windows based and for that I have to turn to my Windows Desktop ... Read More »

Samsung and Samsonite Working on Smart Luggage

The holiday season is near and millions of travelers will be packing up their bags , weighing them , lugging them around the airport and then waiting for the luggage to arrive at the destination luggage carousel hoping that no one has opened and taken out their floral shirt out of it. Samsung and Samsonite has recognized the need of ... Read More »

Patari – Sound of Pakistani Music

So which online service meet your craving for Desi songs , Gaana or Saavn, while they both are the best for desi music , one thing which they both miss on is Pakistani songs . Pakistan has a rich tradition of pop songs and while our neighbor concentrated on their film industry based music , we in Pakistan had Vital Signs ... Read More »

Microsoft Band – Keeping it Fit in Pakistan

So I’ve been a fitness buff lately , have joined a gym and had been regularly going there for past 3 months , huffing and puffing my calories away and in comes the Microsoft Band . I’d been after the BAND since it’s launch last year but it’s limited availability was a major hinderance so when I heard Amazon has ... Read More »

First Look Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE in Pakistan

Finally I got my hands on our very own Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE , Gold Platinum model and let me tell you it’s gorgeous. Before getting Galaxy S6 EDGE , I’d been using Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB as my main and Nokia / Microsoft Lumia 1520 as my secondary devices , but now the Lumia has gone in the ... Read More »

Nokia acquires Alcatel Lucent for $16.6 Billion

I get knocked down , I get up again , you are never gonna keep me down. lyrics of this song by Chumbawamba  play on my head when ever I hear about Nokia ( not Microsoft one ) making waves in the Mobile Industry , such as the Nokia Z Launcher and Nokia N1 Tablet. With sale of their units to Microsoft along ... Read More »

Microsoft Lumia 540 –  It Packs a punch

Microsoft Lumia 540 – It Packs a punch

It seems like there is no shortage of Lumia 5xx series at Microsoft and they are going to milk the lower category to the end but these efforts are not in vain and 5xx series are the best selling Lumias around which offer almost the same experience as their more expensive Lumia brethren in a smaller and easy on pocket ... Read More »

The Super Affordable Lumia to be launched tomorrow

The Super Affordable Lumia to be launched tomorrow

As if Microsoft does not have enough affordable Lumia phones , in the market , Lumia’s official blog is showing the teaser for Super Affordable Lumia to be launched tomorrow 19th March, 8AM UK time in London. Microsoft Lumia is already making inroads in the low end of the market with their Lumia 5xx range with Lumia 520 becoming highest ... Read More »

Windows 10 Technical Preview on Xiaomi Mi4

Windows 10 Technical Preview on Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi , has taken China by storm , launched in 2011 , it’s now the world’s third largest smart phone manufacturer and is no 1 in China. Microsoft just announced that a few of the selected Xiamo Mi4 power users will be invited to use Windows 10 Technical Preview on their Mi4 devices to provide feedback to Microsoft and contribute ... Read More »

Emirates Releasing App For Apple Watch

If you looking forward to buy Apple Watch in near future and also uses Emirates Airline , you are in for a treat . Staring Day One i.e April 24th , Emirates app will be available on the platform   According to Emirates , the app will be giving users notifications of flight changes and delays , gate numbers upon ... Read More »

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