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While the world’s  most expensive number ,  0507777777  , has gone in auction for $ 2,144,750 , yeah that’s above $2.1 million , in Pakistan we are playing in mere thousands in terms of dollars.

Zong ( China Mobile Pakistan ) has just announced the auction of their Golden Number , 03100000000, at the starting price Rs 500,000 plus taxes ( USD 5000 approx) with other Golden Numbers going for RS 100,000 ( $1000) and Rs 75,000 ($750) . 

SenseApplied Zong Golden Number Auction  

For those thinking who will pay this ridiculous amount for the number in the country where the average annual income is just $3200 approx , there are plenty who want to show their exclusivity and will go for the number.

The only drawback , it’s a Zong number , an ‘awami’  ( for the masses )  network.  while the majority of business and upper class community is more inclined towards Mobilink or Waird and even Ufone ( personal experience , no one has every given me a ZOng number among my contacts )

Before you start bidding ,  do note that their is a Rs 500 charge to participate in bidding and you have to be a Zong subscriber to be eligible to bid.  The winning bidder has to submit the amount in 5 working days upon close of auction.

So are you in favor of this ridiculous display of wealth ?  do let us know in comments.