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If you haven’t gotten the Lumia Cyan update yet on your Lumia 520 , 920 , 1020 , 1320 or 1520  , you should immediately check it’s availability on your device through Settings—Phone Update preferable on a WiFi Connection.

Lumia Cyan along with Windows Phone 8.1 is bringing a wide array of enhancements making your Lumia more productive.

Through a series of posts , I will cover each and every enhancement and additional feature to make it easier and simpler to use.

One of the enhancements being brought with Lumia Cyan is Action Center and Notifications

SenseApplied Lumia Cyan Action Center

Action Center offers familiar notifications  for those coming from Android or iOS 7 platforms  , however for those on Lumia platform , it offers a wide range of updates and functionalities through the drop down menu.

Simply flick down from the top of the screen and you will be presented with 5 toggle options aka Quick Action buttons which are customizable from Action Center and Notification under Settings Menu

The Quick Action options include

  • Airplane Mode
  • Bluetooth
  • Brightness
  • Camera
  • Internet Sharing
  • Location
  • Project My Screen
  • Quiet Hours
  • Rotation Lock
  • VPN
  • WiFi

You can choose  five Quick Actions options from the list above to show on your Action Center.

SenseApplied Lumia Cyan Notification Toggle Settings

Underneath the Quick Actions are the notifications which shows your social media mentions , emails etc.


The applications making use of Notifications include

  • Facebook ( mentions and comments )
  • Mail ( emails )
  • Messaging ( SMS)
  • Phone (Missed Calls )
  • Store ( Updates)
  • WhatsApp (Messages )
  • WiFi

On the settings , you can also define if the notifications should have a Banner , Sound , Vibration , all three or nothing at all.

Overall its’a a handy feature to have on your Lumia for a quick toggle and keep updated with the notifications all at one place.