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Author: Farhan

Is HMD Global making the same mistake as previous Nokia

Nokia fans are rejoicing all over the world that Nokia is now back in business thanks to HMD Global and they have announced some good phones , but in my opinion HMD global is making the same mistake as previous Nokia did. Let’s see the hype of 3310 and Nokia 3,5 and 6 are not created but where are the phones , umm , they will be launched in June , some 4 months after the announcement,  what will happen in the meantime. Huawei will launch P10 , Samsung will launch S8 and LG will launch G6 , where will be HMD/Nokia standing back in line .  They could have built on inventory and launched the phone say 15-30 days after announcement cause the consumers will loose all the hype and it will become another meh launch...

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Nokia is Back

Yes , Nokia , the once leader in mobile phones is back , not so long ago , Nokia used to have 85% of the mobile market ruled with their Symbian platform , but alas they didn’t took their competitors seriously and lost it all to Apple , Samsung and others. Even Microsoft was not able to revives Nokia devices which they bought in 2013 , and in 2017 , Nokia brand was given back to Nokia and HMD Global has now the rights to use the brand. Today at MWC 2017 , Nokia has announced the revival of Nokia 3310 and three new android phones , the Nokia 3 , Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 . In MWC 2010 , when I asked Dieter May , is Nokia planning to use an alternate platform then Symbian and she balked at the idea , but in technology the times change fast and by the next four years Nokia was wiped off the market. With HMD Global , we are looking at great things to happen with Nokia and looking forward to get the devices in our hands...

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When Alexa becomes Aleish

Alexa or Amazon Echo , is a life savor in my house. In my room I use it for setting up alarms , controlling lights ( Philips Hue ) , listening to news updates and play music ( I got Amazon Prime ) . Lately , I have also been using it to play Nursery Rhymes and now my 18 month old has pick up the habit to start calling Alexa , Aleish. Her fav, ‘ Aleish Ba Ba Black ‘ for Alexa to play Ba Ba Black Sheep . But sometimes I wonder that is it a good thing , making my daughter dependent on technology at this early age and that too voice controlled where she now doesn’t even have to swipe ( she can load her Mother Goose Club videos on YouTube Kids ) . I’m confused , what are your thought about it P.S I’m also putting Amazon Dot in my car to make it easy for me to play music while driving , hmm even I’m becoming dependent on...

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SenseApplied is Back

After a year’s hiatus , I’m finally back , what happened in the year , well a lot and will talk about it in upcoming posts , just rest assured I have a lot of toys to talk about

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Huawei Mate 8 Available for PreOrder in Pakistan

Huawei if you don’t know is the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer right after Apple and Samsung and with the speed it’s going , it may acquire the 2nd position in future  with accolades as providing Google , their latest Nexus the 6P, which was also launched in Pakistan , and now Huawei is launching yet another flagship in Pakistan , the Mate 8 Don’t be fooled by the name , 8 does not stand for the 8 inch screen , but it’s a model number , Mate 8  features 6 inch , IPS NEO 1080 x 1920 capacitive , Gorilla Glass 4 screen with 368 PPI Density 185g , Single SIM /  Dual SIM Variants 32 GB /  64GB internal Memory Variants 3GB /  4GB RAM (  4GB comes with 64GB and 128GB variants) Support for Micro SD but it uses SIM Card 2 Slot Powered by HiSilicon Kirin 950 , QuadCore .23 GHz Cortex-A72 + quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex A53 16MP Sony f/2.0 , Dual LED , 1/2.8″ Sensor Back Camera 8MP Front Cam Android 6.0  Marsmellow 4000 MaH battery with fast charging All this can now be have in Pakistan for 59,999 for 32GB Memory and 3GB Ram or 69,999 for 64GB Memory and 4GB RAM. Available colors are Champagne Gold, Moonlight Silver, Space Gray, Mocha...

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