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Author: Farhan

Pakistani , Renting a Car in California Driving to Las Vegas

I love driving and try to get a rent a car whenever I travel be it Malaysia , Seychelles or US. The last time I rented the car in US some 3 years ago when visiting  to Detroit suburbs and as I was familiar with the roads and rules it was easy for my to drive. This time when visiting Anaheim , CA , I had a choice either to drive to Las Vegas , fly or hire a limo. Now flying was out of question , the time it takes to go the airport , security checks , pay...

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Why you shouldn’t run for iOS 8 Beta

iOS 8  beta is the new sensation for iDevices users, almost everyone wants to use and we don’t blame them ,  the OS is getting much refined in it’s newer release and although many will blame it to copy features from Android and Windows Phone , still it got an Apple flair to it making it so tempting. Having a developer account , I also jumped on the iOS8 bandwagon and immediately started regretting it ( the quick move not the OS ) I was happy with the OS , the added features especially the intuitive keyboard which predicts...

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Getting Student Discount from Apple even if you are not a student

Who doesn’t like to get a discount and if it’s an Apple product , the higher the better. During my visit to Portland , OR , I had the chance to visit Apple Store at Pioneer Square and had quiet an informative conversation with a genius there who helped in getting the student discount on a MacBook Pro Retina laptop. The scenario was I walked into the Apple Store , with my son , who is a student in a middle school in Karachi , Pakistan , looking for a laptop to buy for ‘him’ and avail the education...

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Welcome to New SenseApplied 2.0

Hi and welcome to the new and improved SenseApplied 2.0,  if you are wondering where the old SenseApplied has gone , well it’s no more , all posts and databases has been gone and we are starting afresh with a twist . Earlier SenseApplied was covering only technology , but this time we are going to talk about our travels including hacks and tips , the life in general and ofcourse technology. As it’s our reincarnation , we’d love to have your views in posts and ofcourse general feedback. If you like to contribute , we are always looking...

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