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About Us

Hi , I’m  Farhan ,the author and owner of SenseApplied , earlier, in 2006 ,  I’d been blogging from , to cover one of the greatest QWERTY devices of the time , Nokia E61 , making me the oldest Nokia Blogger from the country , later when I got the first all in one device ,the game changer , Nokia N958GB and came into being , with SenseApplied starting at 2008.

SenseApplied was setup  with a vision to simplify understanding of technology for everyone.  Our quest to achieve this goal ,enabled us to write some 2000 plus articles and made videos with over 1.4 million view on YouTube.  with my video on ‘How to Hard Reset Nokia E72 ‘ generating nearly half a million views.

During our course , I’m thankful to Nokia Pakistan for being cooperative with me , they believed in me and our vision and have given me every opportunity possible in terms of trial devices as I became the second one in the world to unbox the once flagship Nokia N97, Nokia has flown me to MWC 2010 in Barcelona where I saw the launch of MeeGo and met many great friends in the Nokia Community.  I’d been part of Nokia N8 Middle East launch , Nokia N9 – Middle East Launch , attended Nokia World 2013 –  AbuDhabi and have attended all of Nokia events in Pakistan.

Through the course , I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interview many of Nokia Icons like ,

  • Dieter May , Senior Vice President Nokia Mobile Phone Services
  • Jo Harlow – EVP Smart Devices Nokia
  • Henry Mattilla –  Head of Product Marketing Middle East
  • Anssi Vanjoki –  Former Nokian
  • Marko Ahtisaari – Nokia’s head of design
  • Teemu Kiijarvi – During his training sessions in Pakistan
  • Alessandro Lamanna

To name a few.

I’d also been quiet active with local Nokia Developer program and had been part of the Panel of Experts at Make my App competition 2011 and 2012.

You must be wondering where have all the posts gone ???

Alas , an accident in the recent month , our database got destroyed and we have lost all our posts and image data .  But we consider ourselves a Phoenix and have setup Senseapplied 2.0.

If you want to contribute or want to contact , you can always send an email to