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If you are familiar with Nokia’s accessory alliances , then Zound Industries will be a familiar name for you,  giving us Coloud  Knock , Pop and Boom Headphones last year which can be bought from Nokia Care or retailers such as Target.

After the takeover by Microsoft , the cooperation between the two companies has continued resulting in BANG ( no pun intended )

Microsoft Coloud Bang Range

The colorful speakers by Coloud beside the regular Black  vibrant Orange and Green colors and have the creative Triangular shape  , thought of an intern at Zound Industries ,  breaking the norm of round speakers ,  making it standout among other , so much so that the speaker grille is also in triangles with a mesh behind the grill , making it suitable for moderate outdoor use.

Powered by 680 mAh Li-IOn  battery, the 2 hour charge through the builtin Micro USB Port can provide upto 8 hours of music playback.

The speaker drivers are of 40 mm high drive and can produce upto 96DB of sound which is loud enough for a small room and if you want to increase the sound , the speakers can be Daisy Linked with each other for more sound coverage.

The usage of speaker is quiet simple , there is no wireless technology like BT with it , just a small 3.5mm Audio Jack and Power On/Off keys with LED Indicators, anyone can use it and is compatible with all devices and weighing just 96gms , it’s easier to carry around

Microsoft Coloud Bang with Lumia 530


Available now at just 19 Euros , the Bang is the perfect accessory for your Lumia ,  if you haven’t invested in a JBL PlayUp like me .