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Nokia is Back

Yes , Nokia , the once leader in mobile phones is back , not so long ago , Nokia used to have 85% of the mobile market ruled with their Symbian platform , but alas they didn’t took their competitors seriously and lost it...

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When Alexa becomes Aleish

Alexa or Amazon Echo , is a life savor in my house. In my room I use it for setting up alarms , controlling lights ( Philips Hue ) , listening to news updates and play music ( I got Amazon Prime ) . Lately , I have also been...

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SenseApplied is Back

After a year’s hiatus , I’m finally back , what happened in the year , well a lot and will talk about it in upcoming posts , just rest assured I have a lot of toys to talk about

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WhatsApp is now Free, no more $1

Have you ever paid for WhatsApp, well I’ve been using the service since it began and never paid for the service , however for those who have paid for the service ( some Android devices )  the good news is , now the service...

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