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Being a Nokia Lumia 1520 user, I extensively use Cortana as my digital assistant . The good thing about Cortana is that its continuously evolving and Microsoft is adding further functionalities to it.

SenseApplied #MoreLumia Microsoft Wireless Sharing Solution 1

In the latest update, Cortana has learnt some new tricks such as

NFL Predictions

Cortana made a name for itself when it predicted the outcome of most of the final FIFA 2014 choosing the right winners , now the same functionality has been put in use for NFL predictions ( Please do not bet on the predictions as MS says they are for entertainment only)  .

Just click the seatch button and ask Cortana who will win the ____ vs _____ game or who will win the ____ game ? to get the answer.

Cortana football predictions

Being a father of two school going kids and English not being my native language sometime , I’m at a loss of words , now Cortana is there to help me , I just have to ask Cortana , Define  _____ and I’ll get the answer , relief as now I don’t have to hunt through

Cortana definition lookup

Cortana can also help in getting a desired fitness level , by it integrating workout and exercises from Bing Fitness App , I’ve yet to try it but supposedly it gives explanations of exercises.

Cortana has also added Foursquare data and is now giving recommendations about local restaurants and shops etc, for me being in Pakistan , Cortana does not speak back to me but I can find it in Notebook about what’s around me.\

Cortana interests

Beside information , Cortana can also be an entertainer , it can sing , tell jokes and can be quite witty , if you haven’t tried Cortana yet , do give it a whirl and if you live in a country where Cortana is not supported , take a peek at our handy guide to use it in an unsuported country.