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I’d been looking for a replacement for my 5 year old Swiss Gear Laptop backpack which I carry allover the world during my travels and also to my office and stumbled upon a Thule 21L Crossover at Apple Store.

The bag is an Apple exclusive and cannot be find elsewhere , so I placed an order to be delivered at a friend’s house in UAE who brought it to me in Pakistan.

If it  would have worked , the bag is awesome , it has pockets at all the right places and can easily handle my 13 inch MacBook Pro and iPad in their dedicated pocket along with their accessories and some of my papers which I carry from my work to home.

The first few days , the bag seemed sturdy and looked like it will last the 25 years it has been warranted for , and then the ripping started.

At first , the inner mesh posket started coming out of it’s seems , it started at one end and then the other end also started to give up.

If that was not enough , the front pocket Zipper pull , gave way , due to faulty construction at the end and came out when pulled , locking all the contents inside and I have to rip the Zipper teeth to get access to them, with no way of closing it.

So now I have a Thule 21L Crossover with an open front pocket and ripping inner pocket and all this happened in less then 25 days ( I got the bag on 5th August 2014) while it was supposed to last 25 years.

I contacted Thule through email , the response I got was to call CaseLogic as they handle the bags , I contacted CaseLogic on Facebook , the response was to call CaseLogic in USA , I called CaseLogic in USA , the response was that Sorry we cannot handle replacement in Pakistan, although the guy was kind enough to ask me to submit a warranty form and by the time he’ll get it , he’ll be able to send me some contact information.

Well 12 hours have passed to that promise and I’m still waiting.

In conclusion , do not buy Thule bags , they may make sturdy outdoor equipment but with CaseLogic their bags and their Customer service is all in shambles.