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Ever wondered what if you start digging a hole where you stand , where it will lead to the other part of the earth, a new concept app , Earth Ripper can now satisfy your query.


Earth Ripper is a  Conversations ( Official blog of Microsoft Devices aka Nokia ) MakeMyApp winner and it helps you see what’s on the other side of the earth.

Still in concept form and limited to just a few cities including

  • Mumbai –  India
  • Bangalore –  India
  • Chennai –  India
  • Venice –  Italy
  • Paris –  France ( UK is mentioned)
  • Bangkok –  Thailand
  • Lisbon – Portugal ( Libson and Europe are mentioned)
  • Amsterdam – Netherlands
  • Rome – Italy
  • Barcelona – Spain
  • Melbourne –  Australia
  • Beijing – China
  • Sydney –  Australia
  • Tokyo – Japan
  • Cairo – Egypt
  • Capetown – South Africa
  • Salzburg – Austria
  • New York – USA
  • Los Angeles – USA
  • Hong Kong – China

Earth Ripper Cities

As you choose a city , it shows the corresponding city on the other side of the world , like Mumbai goes to Brazil ( although it shows information about Peru). The information provided include the temperature , pictures and information.

In our opinion , the developer needs to do a lot of work on the application , as it’s a great concept but need to use Location Services to use current location , as I want to know where I’l end up if I start digging now , not when I’m in Mumbai etc.

The developer also needs to work on their geography as Peru is seperate from Brazil and Paris is no where in UK.