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While Mobilink and Zong are busy taking pre orders for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for November 13th launch , we just got hold of the official prices of these coveted devices.

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6S Pakistan Prices

16GB : Rs 93,724

64GB : Rs 107,524

128 GB :  Rs 121,324

iPhone 6S Plus Pakistan Prices

16GB : Rs 107,524

64GB : Rs 121,324

128 GB :  Rs 135,124

Rather expensive I say , given the most expensive , 128GB iPhone 6S Plus cost $950 + Tax in US bringing it to the total of Rs 110,000 with today’s exchange rate at Rs 105,42 to a dollar and 9.5% NY tax .

Just remember these phone will carry a one year official warranty but probably won’t be able to use FaceTime.

Are you going to one of the latest iPhones , probably in Rose Gold , do let us know in comments.