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While now Microsoft has gone for wider rollout of Lumia Denim for Lumia 1520 in Middle East , I’d been using Denim for the past couple of weeks , thanks to the Finland ROM and had been enjoying every day of it, ditching my iPhone in the process. Update , I shifted to UAE Firmware to get Urdu keyboard but it’s not available so I’m using Persian one.

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The most useful feature I found in Lumia Denim is ‘Hey Cortana’ , my best personal assistant,  now whether it is scheduling my appointments or texting my wife that I’m on my way , Cortana’s passive listening mode saves me the hassle of unlocking the phone and then pressing the search button and say the command , now just by saying ‘Hey Cortana’  it gets activated and perform .

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One thing I like about Cortana is it’s recognition for non english speakers , even when I mimic accent like Apu from Simpson.

I can go on and on about Cortana’s usefulness from reading latest news to telling me the weather all with a personality.

I’m a photography buff and have Terabyte worth of images covering some 15 years which began with my Kodak DC120 camera and now my camera of choice is Lumia 1520 , which got enhanced even further with Lumia Camera 5 .

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The Lumia Camera 5 ( Version is super fast as compared to it’s predecessor and is choke full of features, surely you can go all DSLR on it with ISO , WB , Focus and other settings , but for a novice , in Auto mode it takes great pictures with enhanced performance in low light situations.

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The added features include builtin instant movie recording  if the Camera button is kept press instantly making videos of which individual snaps  can later be extracted via builtin Moment Capture capability so you never miss a thing.

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There is also the good old , Living Images which capture a moving image of the moment.

For Selfie enthusiasts , there is no more going to the options to select the front Cam , now the option is right in the front.

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The Rich Capture feature now enables you to shoot first and set camera settings later so you never miss that perfect shot while fixing the camera settings , for me it’s a good way to learn how to take good photos.

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The videos has also enhanced to  4K 30fps quality , so have a massive memory card handy when choosing this mode

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 As I was using Lumia Cyan with latest Developer Preview version , there are some enhancements which I didn’t notice like  Live Tile for Store and ability to make folders for different tiles just by drag and drop .

Overall Lumia Denim takes an already good and stable OS to another level , however with the launch of Windows 10 , now my eyes are set on that.

Do let us know if you have updated your Lumia to Denim and how you find it.