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Finally I got my hands on our very own Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE , Gold Platinum model and let me tell you it’s gorgeous.

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Before getting Galaxy S6 EDGE , I’d been using Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB as my main and Nokia / Microsoft Lumia 1520 as my secondary devices , but now the Lumia has gone in the storage , iPhone became secondary and S6 EDGE has become my primary device.

S6 EDGE is a premium device from Samsung with Glass back and gorgeous curved front screen , it boosts 64Bit Octa Core Exynos Processor ,  3GB of RAM , 32GB of memory ( you’ll get some 28GB after OS claims theirs )  beside 64GB and 128GB versions not available in Pakistan . The Camera is 16 MP OIS and takes great photos with builtin effects ( all photos except those of the device are taken with S6 EDGE ) and comes in Gold Platinum , White Pearl and Black Sapphire .  My Supplier had Gold and White so I opted for Gold as it was much more appealing.

For Pakistani 4G /  LTE Users , the device support Warid’s LTE network .

For Wireless Charging , you don’t have to go for a Samsung branded Qi charger , I had a Nokia FatBoy charger from my Lumia 920 days and it works perfectly fine S6 Edge and you can get one from OLX.

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Inside the box , beside the phone , you’ll find guides in URDU and ENGLISH , Warranty information booklet  , SIM Card Tray Key , Fast Charger and ‘Premium Headphone’

In my opinion, the fast charger is a sham , as it takes some 5 hours to charge the phone , the premium headphones are too rubberized for my taste and hurt my ears ( guess I’m more used to Apple’s buds) but still they are far better then what Samsung used to couple with their devices earlier.

Samsung S6 EDGE is gorgeous ( yes I’m repeating myself )  , sure Apple fanboys have ridiculed it for it’s ports not being in symmetry but again ‘normal’ users don’t notice these flaws as the screen captures all the attention.  Notice the beautiful curvature on the image below and the one I posted on the top.

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For those ‘upgrading’ from Note 4 EDGE , will notice the lack of EDGE as compared to their last device , as in Note 4 EDGE  the EDGE was much more prominent and in this it’s just the curvature of the screen.  One thing I didn’t like the sharpness of the edges where the screen fuses into the metal it’s a bit edgy /  sharp for my taste.

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The Finger Print Sensor is setup in the home button , and unlike iPhone where the home button is depressed in the body , here it’s prominently on the outside ( Take some design cues Samsung)  , however from earlier models where you have to swipe the finger down on the button again and again for it to recognize the finger print , on S6 EDGE on one touch it recognizes it .

Please tell me that I’m wrong but unlike my iPhone where I can add up  to 5 finger prints , the S6 EDGE only supports one and my backup password is too long for it to be entered while I’m busy with other things.  Samsung please add support for more fingers.

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The 16MP OIS back camera on S6  EDGE is an improvement over it’s predecessors ,  the photos taken by it are sharp although I haven’t had the chance to put it against the Apple iPhone 6 Plus or Lumia 1520 ,  still for my daily snaps I find it to be great.

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The Samsung S6 EDGE does not come without it’s flaws such as the battery life is pathetic , I’ve keep it on Power Saving Mode for it to last through out the day else it can die mid day on me , the charging takes like 5 hours , where else , Samsung claims the charger to be a fast charger , the device gets hot and by hot I mean extremely hot that holding it becomes near impossible thanks to it’s metal back ( I admit I was downloading and running a lot of software on it , but still )

Will I continue to use it as my main device , I’m still in a limbo , I can always shift to my iPhone 6Plus which has never let me down or stick with S6 EDGE which can die on me during the work day , the jury is out as I’ll give it one more week .

Below are some snaps I’ve taken of the device with iPhone 6 Plus to give you a size idea