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Every morning from 8-9 am , I’m in the gym doing cross-fits etc , I’m no fitness buff , but I like to stay in shape. A major motivational part for me to stay in shape , which shows results are my fitness trackers , I started with a Fitbit but all it was a glorified pedometer , so I moved to Microsoft Band some 6 months ago and a couple of months back , got myself an Apple Watch.

At the gym , I had always been using Microsoft Band , but after the Apple Watch , I started using either of the two and here are the results how they both stand against each other in my fitness challenge this morning ( Upper Body Work Out , Cross Circuit with Jumping Jacks , Skipping etc for 30 min )


With Apple Watch , the tracking will begin with the following steps

Press the Side Crown to go to Apps

Select Fitness App

Choose Other ( I choose it for mix exercise)

Set the Calorie Goal

Press Start

Wait for 5 seconds for the tracking to begin

Just look at the images below to see how it works

With Microsoft Band 

Press the bottom Activity button to turn on screen

Swipe to Workout Tracker

Choose the option

Press the bottom button to start app

There is no calorie goal set for Microsoft Band , a good thing as I don’t know how much I’ll be burning , there is no wait for the app to begin , so no waste of time , overall it’s very simple to start using the  Microsoft Band for workout tracking


However the device starts , what matters for me is how my stats are shown.

With Apple Watch , I use the Health App , which gives me a very limited view of the workout , although the graphs increases as the day passes  but at the particular moment the stats are insufficient such as my BPM

@SenseApplied #AppleWatch vs #MicrosoftBand100

Moving on to Microsoft Band , now here are the figures  , not only it shows my heart BPM through out the workout , it also makes a decent graph of it ( the blank is when I loosened it a bit)  , note the maximum heart rate is almost same in both apps at 184  /  188 BPM , the Microsoft Health App , also shows my calories burnt , my average heart rate , etc.

@SenseApplied #AppleWatch vs #MicrosoftBand101

Overall in my opinion , from now I’ll rely more on my Microsoft Band ( version 1 ) for my workouts instead of relying on my Apple Watch .

Do you have both or either one , what are your thoughts about it , do let us know in comments.