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Who doesn’t like to get a discount and if it’s an Apple product , the higher the better.

During my visit to Portland , OR , I had the chance to visit Apple Store at Pioneer Square and had quiet an informative conversation with a genius there who helped in getting the student discount on a MacBook Pro Retina laptop.

The scenario was I walked into the Apple Store , with my son , who is a student in a middle school in Karachi , Pakistan , looking for a laptop to buy for ‘him’ and avail the education discount.

The guy I talked to was very helpful , he said ,that he will accept the Pakistan School ID but as it’s clearly mentioned then it’s a middle school, he cannot pass on the Education savings to me as the program is valid for College Students , now the discount was $100/-  on the laptop plus OR has no sales tax , so I was looking for a way to get the discount , which was giving me a saving of some $250 ( my next destination was Seattle with 9.5% Sales Tax)

Then the kind guy offered me a solution , he told me to order it online on Apple Education Site and he can give me the laptop within an hour.

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I logged on to Apple Education Site , they didn’t asked me for a college ID nor did they asked me for a .edu email and in like 5 minutes I had placed an order to be picked up at Portland’s Pioneer Square  Apple Store and true to the word , within an hour , I got the email from Apple from that my order is ready and upon showing it to the Apple Store guy ( different guy this time ) along with my picture ID I was able to get the laptop at the discounted price.