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 #MoreLumia is all about enhancing your experience with your Lumia Device and is not limited to the OS and devices itself but also with the accessories which enhances the use of the devices and my favorite in today’s launch is Microsoft Screen Sharing –  HD-10 , Miracast solution.

SenseApplied #MoreLumia Microsoft Wireless Sharing Solution 2

 Don’t be mislead by it’s small size , the Microsoft Screen Sharing Solution ( a long name ,can we call it MS3) is Miracast complaint solution which can wirelessly share your photos , let you play XBox Games , Watch Movies , listen to music or even share Office documents such as Excel Sheets or Play PowerPoint on your TV or Projector all in 1080 pixel HD goodness.

Connectivity is made easy by just tapping the phone to the device and via NFC it will be instantly connected so no more searching across menus  , it’s just Tap and Connect.

SenseApplied #MoreLumia Microsoft Wireless Sharing Solution

Connecting with the TV or Projector is also simple , as it only has a Micro USB port for charging and a HDMI port for connection.

The HD-10 is prices at just $79  or Euro 79 and will be available this month in Black and White Colors.