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Microsoft’s Berlin event also brought us some cool accessories like the Nokia DT-903 ,  the smart wireless charger.

The earlier generation of chargers , were simply chargers , now with Nokia DT-903 , Microsoft /  Nokia has introduced the next gen which also interacts with your phone.

SenseApplied Microsoft Berlin Event 201431

Once the DT-903 is paired with your phone via NFc or BT-LE , when your phone battery runs low , the charger startes to ‘breathe’ a subtle glow underneath reminding you that it’s time to charge the phone.

#MoreLumia SenseApplied DT-903

Moreover , if you have missed calls , SMS or Email on your phone , the breathing light will remind that to you too.

This smart charger will be available in October in eye catching bright Orange , Bright Green and White colors at just $59/Euro59.

I’m looking forward to buy one for my Lumia 1520.