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We called Microsoft’s HoloLens , the future of computing in our previous post and it sure is with it’s usage only limited by one’s imagination.

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Sure you can use it to interact with different apps and watch movies etc in virtual reality, but looking at the practical applications , it’s not limited to engineering as shown in the Microsoft videos but is also applicable in other fields too.

I, also work as a pharmaceutical marketer and look at the HoloLens as a great tools for the doctors , physicians and even pharmaceutical researchers.

Take WebMD for example ( a Microsoft venture)  , with HoloLens , the physician can easily compare the symptoms of the patients with that on the WebMD database , such as comparing rashes , pink eye and viral infections and with the help of the app can make best decisions for their patients.

During an operation , just like the man was showing how to fix a drain pipe via Virtual Reality , eMedicine can become much more effective with world renown surgeons helping doctors in far flung areas to perform surgeries , just imagine the lives it will save in countries like Pakistan , India and similar where villages does not have the facilities and going to the major cities can be a battle between life and death for the patients.

Coming to pharmaceutical point of view , researchers can use the HoloLens with App to see the mode of action of their drugs , they can see if how the drug will behave by adding another component such as another hydrogen atom and how the chain of drug will perform

Of course these developments will not be made in a day, but will need extensive app support but it’s just the beginning of how the world can make the most of this future of computing.