Have you played Need for Speed series , how about Asphalt 6 d you feel the adrenalin rush when paying these high speed games. I’m also a fan of these high speed intense games but sometimes I miss the simple car racing games like Lotus Racing (circa 1992) where all you do is change lanes and drive, no strategies like knockdowns or drifting .

Lotus Gaming

Highway Racer developed by Orison Technologies  brings back that feel good nostalgic feeling to racing games . All you do is start the game and drive . The only controls within the game are right and left turn which the playeer use to avooid their red color yellow striped car from hitting other cars.


I prefer playing this Highway Racer  after a long day at work when i just want simple gameplay to relax , my only complain is the soundtrack , it seems midi based and is quiet annoying so mostly i play with it turned off .


I definitely recommend Highway Racer to old techies like me who remember the good old stress free arcade gaming and want that nostalgic feeling back.

Highway Racer is available for free from OVI Store and can be downloaded from here.