Beginning of 2013, I went to Saudi Arabia, to perform Umrah and as always been my practice got me and my wife a local SIM so our family back in Pakistan can easily contact us.  Call it my unfamiliarity with Arabic or the mobile company guy’s lack of understanding of English , when I asked for SIM Card with Data , I was given a Data Only SIM with 5GB of data good for one month although furious at first , this mistake of his opened my eyes to the reality that cellular voice calls will soon become a thing of the past. 


Fortunately for me , my family is a bit tech savvy with both my mom and dad using iPhone 4s and are familiar with using email , SKYPE and Viber, while my in-laws strive on high speed internet connections at home.  


When we got our SIMs, our first task was to inform everyone of the mistake and to our surprise no one minded it a bit as now instead of dialing us on cellular network and incurring international call charges now all it was taking was press of a key and connecting to us via SKYPE and Viber.  Even my friend residing in Saudi Arabia were able to communicate with me via WhatsApp. 


Not once during my 10 days trip I once missed cellular calls, as I was able to communicate even with my wife on Viber if we were at the different parts of the Holy Mosque. 


Coming back to Pakistan, I have started to notice that my dependence on cellular calls or SMS is getting lower and lower as most of my communication is via WhatsApp and Viber.  On the whole daily I send a couple of SMS and make 4 -5 calls a day that too to the people not on the digital stratosphere. 


What do you think is the future for Voice Calling on Cellular going bleak or it will lasts for years to come , do let us know in comments.