It’s official , Symbian is finally dead with Nokia 808 Pureview it’s last name bearer.  We had been saying that Symbian is dragging Nokia down with only 2.2 million unit sales in Q4 2012 , as compared to 9.3 million Asha ‘smart’ phones and 4.4 million Lumia Phones. 

Nokia in their quarterly statement blames Symbian for many of their losses as quoted below 

“ On a year-on-year basis, the decrease in Greater China volumes was primarily due to our Smart Devices business unit, most notably lower volumes of our Symbian devices”

“ On a year-on-year basis marketing expenses declined primarily due to lower marketing expenditure on Symbian,”

“ We expect our Symbian devices to account for a significantly smaller portion of our overall Smart Devices volumes in the first quarter 2013 and going forward.”

“ The decline was primarily due to lower Symbian device volumes, partially offset by higher Lumia device volumes.”

“ the year-on-year decline in our Smart Devices gross margin in the fourth quarter 2012 was primarily due to a lower Symbian gross margin.”

“ Smart Devices continued to transition as Symbian volumes decreased sequentially every quarter in 2012″

“ The year-on-year decline in Location & Commerce internal net sales was primarily due to lower sales related to the large decline in Symbian volumes experienced since 2010.”

“ the expected continuing decline of sales of Symbian devices and the significantly diminishing viability of the Symbian smartphone platform”

So Symbian the once mighty OS , is now the black sheep bringing the company down , If Nokia would have promoted Maemo and Meego as much as Symbian , they could have had  a competitor to Android with them.