With Nokia N8 , Pink around the corner , we thought why not have some more  color concepts for Nokia N8 , from Nokia N8 Bling to Nokia Ed Hardy Edition to , Glow in the dark and simply Purple .

Nokia N8 Ed Hardy Edition with Bold Colors

Nokia N8 Ed Hardy edition

Nokia N8  Bling Edition -  With the Gold prices hovering over $1500 , only 24K plating will do.

Nokia N8 Gold

Nokia N8 Glow -  Neon Glow in the dark lines making it easier to find the phone in dark nights.

Nokia N8 Neon

Nokia N8 Simply Purple -  Why settle for Pink when Purple can be launched too

Nokia N8 Purple

So what do you think do they look good , do let us know or if you want to see them in anyother color , we’ll be happy to oblige.