Today at Nokia Connections in Singapore , Nokia has just released their latest MeeGo Device , the Nokia N9 ,  we have already covered it’s leaked video in our earlier posts.


The beauty of Nokia N9 is that it’s the world’s first ‘Pure Touch’ device i.e. it got no buttons on the front to use the phone i.e  no Home /  Menu key and every function is a touch or swipe away like to exit an application, just swipe from the screen edge to get back to Home Screen or to unlock just tap the screen twice.

In our brief look around , the salient features of the phone are

  • Uni Body design which Nokia introduced with N8  but this time the it’s made of  one piece Poly Carbonate .
  • 3.9 Inch Curved Glass AMOLED Display
  • Innovative Laminated Display Technology makes application seems like hovering on top of screen
  • No Buttons –  Just touch , swipe or tap to use the phone
  • Three Home Views  in Carousel Style –  Apps , Social Notifications and Calls –  Open Applications
  • Pich and Zoom support on Home Screens to see Four or Nine Applications at a time.
  • 8  MP Carl Zeiss – Dual LED with Super Wide 28mm camera with HD Video and 16:9 res Photo support  and inbuilt Facebook and Flickr support.
  • Web Kit 2 based browser with visual thumbnails and Wide HTML 5 Support
  • Latest Generation of OVI Maps with Turn by Turn Navigation and Drive App for Driving Applications and Public Transporation info for 85 cities.
  • Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby HEadset support makes it into a personal surround sound system
  • NFC Enabled for other NFC enables devices and also sharing content like photos and business cards
  • Available Colors –  Black , Cyan amnd Magenta
  • Available Storage Sizes – 16GB and 64GB
  • Availibility –  Later in 2011 ???
  • Prices –  To be announced later

Does Nokia has a market disruption device with N9 –  We think so , the ideas are innovative and technology is mind blowing, what matters is what kind of processor Nokia is using and how long Nokia is going to support this MeeGo device , remember the N900 which was a show stealer a couple of years ago to be abandoned a year later, I hope Nokia this time shows some commitment to their first MeeGo device before hand like exchanging it with N900 ( I wish )  to gain market trust .

The official pictures and  video below will show you the latest Nokia N9 in all it’s glory