I put the Tweet , you did the rest

the epic words of [ExiTuS] of  NokiaPort.de who created quiet a stir in the mobile world when he posted the Tweet “ Nokia iPhone-like, “ followed by the image


That’s it , all he did was sent one tweet and a Chinese site picked it up ,  39 days later and with in hours the whole internet including Ubergizmo , Engadget and everyone who is everyone in mobile blogging took it up and posted it ,  I would have done it too if I wouldn’t have been stuck with office :) , thank God for procrastination .

It all started with Exitus , trying to make a concept touch screen phone and he started with a template ( much like iPhone 3GS ) added the screenshot of Maemo 4 yes MAEMO 4 from Nokia N810 not the latest upcoming MAEMO 6 Harmattan and tweeted it and the whole world was after it .

Nokia N920 hoax 

A Google image search shows 5800 plus impressions mostly of the pic above . 

This shows how fast news , be it true or false travels and every ‘authentic’ site falls for it , generate thousands of page views and comments . 

Enjoy the rumors but always take them with a pinch of salt

[ExiTuS] Denial is as follows


My artwork
It is now months ago when I played around with a nice template to "create" a new touchscreen phone according to my own preferences.
I got the idea when I saw a phones picture in an official presentation, which was published a longer time ago. I’m not sure if it was presentation of Nokia, Symbian, Maemo or anything else. It’s a kind of clipart, indeed a nice template to bother.
To be honest I was not able to decide which UI to use for the display of that phone. So I had a quick web search and found a photo of a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. It fitted the phones body consummately, although it ran the outdated Maemo 4 user interface. A hot phone with old UI!? I didn’t care… some of you recognized that mistake.
The beginning
The story began with a quite simple tweet on my twitter account in early September.
The holy message: "Nokia iPhone-like, [image-link]". (Sep 9th)
That’s it!
For weeks the tweet remained undiscovered and I believed it wouldn’t change.
But I was mistaken…
39 days later
On October, 15th the mysterious phone caused quite a stir when a Chinese website put the headline of leaked Nokia N920. They proved their theory with my picture and added further technical specifications, hehe.
In a short time period the news spread around the world. Many editors doubled the wrong information.
There were never published any details of the fictional phone by myself. Furthermore I never claimed that device to be Nokia N920! It was this picture on twitter only which became the attraction of all these headlines worldwide.
Was it my intention to kid all of you?
Of course not! If I intended to do so, I would have published the picture on several web platforms by myself to support spreading the news. I didn’t.
I try to keep the image of NokiaPort.de as serious and reliable as possible. That’s the reason why I now throw the lights on this issue.
I just put a picture, YOU did the rest!
A compliment
to all those on finding the relevant mistake in my picture: the screenshot of the old UI. Your doubts were justified. Unfortunately you did not convince others in several discussions.
Many thanks
to the guy who shot the photo of Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. Also many thanks for comments like this in several discussions:
• "The photo you see here looks pretty real"
• "looks like a great tablet"
• "… but it looks too good to not be true"
• “Wow, finally a touch device from Nokia which looks prudential”
• "To me this indicates a photo shop job, a very good one …"
I’m sorry
for all editors who spent engagement and time to write articles, Nokia press department probably got some calls regarding this issue and all enthusiasts who seem to be very disappointed now.
Nevertheless I enjoyed it :-)
[ExiTuS], NokiaPort.de
PS: Have a look at the results for "Nokia N920" on google. OMG, what have YOU done? :-)