So Palm Pre had been the attention hog at CES 2009 ,why not its meant to put Palm on the spotlight again , but how does Pre stands to N97 , let’s see


Physical Attributes

  Nokia N97 Palm Pre
Size 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm 100.5 X 59.5 X 16.5 mm
Weight 150g 135 gm
Display Size 3.5 inch -  640 X 360 Pix 3.1 inch  -  320 X 480 Pix
Colors 16 million colors 24 bit colors
Connectivity GPS , WiFi , Bluetooth , micro USB GPS , WiFi , Bluetooth , Micro USB
Memory 32 GB onboard  + 16Gb SD card 8 GB ( 7.4 GB available)
Data Input QWERTY Keyboard , Handwriting , onscreen keyboard QWERTY Keyboard ,
Camera 5 MP Carl Zeiuss 3.1 MP
Carrier Type GSM Sprint EVDO -  GSM to be launched later
Applications Tens of Thousands None Available
OS Symbian s60 V5 Palm Web OS


Software Attributes

How Palm Pre stands up to Nokia N97 ( headings taken from Pre Site for better comparison)

Notifications Bar :  Pre offers Notifications of Text Messages and appointments at the bottom of the screen without changing the screen.

Nokia had been offering Text messaging icon on the top and with the new E71’s also on the bottom of the screen .  Appointments are shown on the main screen as they arrive

Mutilple Activities : Pre is capable to run multiple applications at once , so does Nokia . Pre used Applications cards to flip through while Nokia uses Home Key to call the list of applications .

Connected Calendars and Contacts :  Pre offers constant connectivity with Outlook , Google and Facebook Calendars through Palm Synergy while Nokia has their Ovi Services while Google Calendar is connected through GCalSynceb-connected applications

Web Connected :  Pre as they say have a browser which shows pages as they are meant to be seen and applications constantly keep themselves connected to the Net to update themselves while Nokia’s web browser also do the same and also show the pages as they are meant to be seen or use Opera Mini . For application update , Nokia’s Widgets may get update but not the applications installed .

Universal Search : In Pre one can search Wikipedia , Contacts and Web right through the screen while Pre recommends related items . In Nokia contacts can be searched ight from the screen just start typing on the main screen and it shows the contacts .  For Web search Widgets will help

Combined MEsaging :  all the  conversations with the same person are grouped together in one chat-style view. (Even if it started in IM, for example, and you want to reply with text.) You can also see who’s online right from contacts, and start a new conversation with just one touch.

In Nokia it’s called Nokia Conversations which for now works with Text Messaging only

Email , Wifi , GPS : Both has them .

In Pre email from Outlook or personal accounts like Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo! are supported .

In Nokia the Nokia Email client handles all the emails . ( HTML still not available )

Breakthrough design : a Vertical Slide out keyboard , Accelerometer is what Pre Offers

A Horizontal Side Out ‘Wide’ keyboard is what Nokia has , Accelerometer present since N95  

In my opinion Nokia N97 beats pre in all the attributes , Pre has tried to copy Nokia in many things but Nokia with their stable OS , strong background and  with previous device experience leaves Pre far far behind .

Pre does have some intuitive features like dedicated “gesture bar  “ the black part right below the screen but i think it’s waste of screen real estate that could have been used to make the screen bigger .

Both Pre and Nokia N97 are to be launched soon , let’s see what the future holds for both of them .

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Nokia.