So Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki the latest Head of Mobile Solutions, has come out with his fighting gloves and has said that Nokia is ready to fight back  . Nokia had been loosing their support fast with it’s biggest blog supports with the latest shut down of ( I had been a small contributor there )  Mr Vanjoki had a rough first day .  Nonetheless he is ready to face the competition  as said in his latest blog post and it’s being heralded by many Nokia’s come back.

I’m happy for Mr Vanjoki that he is ready to take on the challenge and wish him all the best but after re reading his post , I got a feeling that a new N900 fiasco is brewing at Nokia .

Mr Vanjoki has said “  The Nokia N8 will be our only Nseries device on Symbian^3 “ followed by “ Symbian^4 Nseries device is a strong possibility. A very strong possibility “

So again we are looking at a fiasco like N900 .

When we compare the N900 and N8 launches ,

  • both were and are  much hyped devices , N900 was touted as the revolution in mobile computing so in N8 a revolution in Mobile photography with a ‘new’ OS
  • both has one time OS , N900’s Maemo is never to be seen again and with the announcement Symbian^3 will only be on N8
  • When MeeGo was announced , rumors were spread that it will work on N900 so happened with the Symbian^4 which was rumored to  be supported on N8 but no official announcement has been made

So in our opinion folks , beware of N8 , you may get stuck with a one time deal , atleast with N900 , developers can port different platforms from MeeGo to Android to even OSX on it , the same won’t be possible with the Symbian ^3 powered N8

We hope Nokia reads this post , think about it and say that Symbian^4 will be ported to N8 in their official statement .