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Microsoft Mobile  knows how to do things in style , firstly the launch in Pakistan was in a class of it’s own and now when they called me to give me the Lumia 535 for review, I wasn’t expecting this.

SenseApplied #Lumia535pk @LumiaPakistan #Lumia5355

Lumia 535 Exclusive Trial Pack

Looking at this mysterious black box with just Microsoft Logo , you can’t imagine what’s inside

SenseApplied #Lumia535pk @LumiaPakistan #Lumia5359

  • An Exclusive Orange Lumia 535
  • Zound Coloud HeadPhones
  • USB Drive containing Lumia 535 application ( it’s EXE File for Windows Only)
  • A note from Jo Harlow

Looking underneath the phone, there is also a charger marked prototype.

I’m going through the phone and will detail review it later , meanwhile enjoy the photos of the content in the box below