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December , the perfect time for holidays and gift giving , while I’ll love getting a Lumia for christmas , my experience is about using it for a holiday travel phone.

For my work and vacations , I usually travel abroad and since Microsoft Mobile has given me the Lumia 535 , I had been eyeing to take it to my next vacations and here are my reasons.

Dual SIM

When I travel , I cannot afford to be away from my work and always have my Nokia 130 as my second device with my Pakistani SIM on roaming.  I preferred Nokia  130 , as it’s a dumb phone and cannot connect to the internet hence saving me from hefty data charges ( a colleague of mine forgot to turn his data off and ended with $5000/-  data bill in 3 days , thanks to Android) ,  anyhow with Lumia 535 Dual SIM , I can carry both my SIMs ( Pakistani and local ) on the same device and have internet settings off on the roaming SIM, so I can receive all my texts and calls without running out of memory ( Nokia 130 has a limited text memory) while using the data on local SIM along with other services.


I’m a selfie addict, you may not see me posting them any where but where ever I am I take my selfies and show them to my family and friends.  With 5MP front , wide angel camera , Lumia 535 is the perfect device for me to capture my surroundings with ‘me’ in them .

External Memory Support.

With a lot of Selfies goes  the lot of space and with Lumia  535’s support for external memory I can easily add more memory to it .  Beside I also use it to upload photos taken by my point and shoot camera Canon Sx50HS in which I use Micro SD with a adapter or my GoPro so I’m able to upload my videos to OneDrive or Facebook as I feel like , thanks to Lumia 535’s support for 3G band.


I’m one clumsy guy when I travel and I should be with the load of gear I carry and with Lumia 535 , I’m sure I can afford to drop it without a scratch ( or change the back cover if I mess it real bad)  without harming the phone


Slefie’s come with a cost with my iPhone 6 Plus and Lumia 1520 , they are big and heavy phones and harder to stick on a Slefie Stick , with the smaller profile of Lumia 535 and it’s light weight , I can easily stick it to my selfie stick and take shots ( now only if I can program it with my Bluetooth Shutter it will be perfect)

Windows Mobile 8.1 and Lumia Applications

Yeah the OS, some may not agree but I find Windows Mobile extremely handy for my day to day work , especially where my office use is concerned , I’m never away from my office and can easily edit and create documents be it word , Excel and to some extent PowerPoint on the fly . With Exclusive Lumia applications like Lumia Selfie , Lumia Camera etc , I can always enhance my selfie images.


At just Rs 14250/- ( USD 140) Lumia 535 is a feature pack device with a low price point , meaning if I loose it while traveling , it won’t be heavy on me and with Find my Phone application ( works worldwide) I can always where my Lumia is lying , not to mention with auto One Drive backup with 15GB of free storage ( take that iCloud with just 5GB) , my memories are always save on the cloud.

Will you get a Lumia 535 to be your vacation phone do let us know in comments.