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As per the latest AdDuplex statistics report , Microsoft /  Nokia ‘s Lumia devices owns 95% of the total Windows Phone Device market , with HTC following behind at a paltry 3.3% and Samsung at just 1.1% of the market

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For the Windows Phone OS , the WIndows Phone 7.x  is still alive at 19.2% of the worldwide devices  with Windows Phone 8 at 56.5% with Windows Phone 8.1 quickly catching up at 24.4% of the devices.  Here one thing is noteworthy that there are many  people are still using their Lumia 800 , 900 and haven’t upgraded to the latest offerings , it could be due to the robustness of the devices or although the old OS  Windows 7  still meets their purpose.

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For Microsoft , promoting their top end devices like Lumia 1520 , 1020 , 930 , 935 etc , the low end models take up a significant with Lumia 520 taking the lead at 30.2% add Lumia 521 to it and both has 34.1% of the market.  The only high end Lumia among the top 10 are Lumia 920 at 6.3% and Lumia 925 at 3.4% of the market.  Interesting to see , Lumia 800 is still present in top 10 ( Windows Phone 7  device ) with a 3.7% of the market.




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Overall , Microsoft still reigns the Windows Phone market but they have to bring in more players to bring in a variety and create more interest.  HTC M8 Windows Phone is a good start and we expect to see more phones from other manufactures too.