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It started from Nokia Conversations, a blog managed by 1000heads in UK , which is probably the best corporate blog ever engaging bloggers and users worldwide , imagine Apple or Samsung sending an iPhone or Galaxy device to Pakistan for review , Nokia Conversations did that and not only send us devices but at one time we even got Nokia 3G Netbook with all shipping charges and duties to be borne by Nokia.


With Microsoft’s taking over Nokia , Nokia Conversations changes to Lumia Conversations and their customer interaction remained the same and now with changing times , they are now Lumia Voices , a fitting name as it is what they are for.

Lumia Voices , give bloggers a platform to share their experience while providing devices worldwide , contrary to before , now in Pakistan we are lucky to have a local rep office which is very proactive and willing to give out devices to bloggers upon demand for as much time as they want and write whatever they want , as compared to Samsung who only let bloggers check out the device in their offices and approve what’s to be written

Way to go Lumia Voices , I had been following you since inception and you have played an integral part in the growth of my blog , looking forward to more great things from you , while I put on my request to trial a Lumia 640 XL from my local contact.