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Microsoft Band – Keeping it Fit in Pakistan


So I’ve been a fitness buff lately , have joined a gym and had been regularly going there for past 3 months , huffing and puffing my calories away and in comes the Microsoft Band .

I’d been after the BAND since it’s launch last year but it’s limited availability was a major hinderance so when I heard Amazon has some in stock ( on actual prices ) last month , I immediately picked up one , shipped it to MyUS.com and had it trasnshipped to Pakistan.

Getting the band out of customs is a story of it’s own as they want me to get PTA approval for it as the HS Code says it’s for transfer of data between devices , I then had to explain it to them it’s just a BT device which monitors my heart rate and then they let it go .

Setting up my band with my iPhone was a breeze through Bluetooth and it was updated , up and running in no time.

Band 3

The next day when I went to gym I wore my shiny new band on my left hand ( non dominant one ) and started with the tread mill after setting up the band in running mode ( turned GPS Off)  and as soon as the tread mill hit 0.58 miles , the band indicated I’ve ran a Km ( It’s a bit off) , I was also able to monitor my heart rate along the way .

Now was the time for cardio with the instructor and I asked him to go for Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises and at the end of my hour long training , I can see the progress on the companion app on my iPhone .

Band 2


You can see the exercise pattern above but with an update to Microsoft Band App which is now Microsoft Health , the reporting now is more human terms

Band 1

So now I’d been working out very hard 🙂

Looking at the band , I got a Large size for myself which works fine albeit being a little loose on my wrist.  Upon wearing it’s senses the skin and starts taking heart rate measurements based on Optical reading ( The green light)

@SenseApplied #Samsung #S661

As I wear the band , the screen has to be kept on the underside of wrist ( opposite of how you wear a watch ) but I found it very helpful in discreetly checking the messages and notifications during a meeting .

The band is not only a fitness device , for me I can check and dismiss telephone calls , messages and notifications on my iPhone . If I would have been using a Lumia , I could also use Cortana and the Virtual Keyboard .

Overall I like using the band and it has replaced my watch ( It looks odd wearing the the band and the watch on both hands )  with much added functionality and till the time I get my hands on a Apple Watch , it’s going to be my primary device .

I’m off to running in the park with my band , it being a holiday today but first I’m going to start the GPS and check the builtin UV meter as how much is it , while you can enjoy all the Band snaps I’ve taken below




  1. Hello Farhan, need to know, how did you down load Microsoft health app? Can’t down load. Whenever I tried to download the message popped up ” this item is not available in your country”. May be I’m doing something wrong? Secondly, can’t we use the device without connecting with the phone or downloading the app? Would appreciate your comment.


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