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So I’ve been a fitness buff lately , have joined a gym and had been regularly going there for past 3 months , huffing and puffing my calories away and in comes the Microsoft Band .

I’d been after the BAND since it’s launch last year but it’s limited availability was a major hinderance so when I heard Amazon has some in stock ( on actual prices ) last month , I immediately picked up one , shipped it to and had it trasnshipped to Pakistan.

Getting the band out of customs is a story of it’s own as they want me to get PTA approval for it as the HS Code says it’s for transfer of data between devices , I then had to explain it to them it’s just a BT device which monitors my heart rate and then they let it go .

Setting up my band with my iPhone was a breeze through Bluetooth and it was updated , up and running in no time.

Band 3

The next day when I went to gym I wore my shiny new band on my left hand ( non dominant one ) and started with the tread mill after setting up the band in running mode ( turned GPS Off)  and as soon as the tread mill hit 0.58 miles , the band indicated I’ve ran a Km ( It’s a bit off) , I was also able to monitor my heart rate along the way .

Now was the time for cardio with the instructor and I asked him to go for Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises and at the end of my hour long training , I can see the progress on the companion app on my iPhone .

Band 2


You can see the exercise pattern above but with an update to Microsoft Band App which is now Microsoft Health , the reporting now is more human terms

Band 1

So now I’d been working out very hard 🙂

Looking at the band , I got a Large size for myself which works fine albeit being a little loose on my wrist.  Upon wearing it’s senses the skin and starts taking heart rate measurements based on Optical reading ( The green light)

@SenseApplied #Samsung #S661

As I wear the band , the screen has to be kept on the underside of wrist ( opposite of how you wear a watch ) but I found it very helpful in discreetly checking the messages and notifications during a meeting .

The band is not only a fitness device , for me I can check and dismiss telephone calls , messages and notifications on my iPhone . If I would have been using a Lumia , I could also use Cortana and the Virtual Keyboard .

Overall I like using the band and it has replaced my watch ( It looks odd wearing the the band and the watch on both hands )  with much added functionality and till the time I get my hands on a Apple Watch , it’s going to be my primary device .

I’m off to running in the park with my band , it being a holiday today but first I’m going to start the GPS and check the builtin UV meter as how much is it , while you can enjoy all the Band snaps I’ve taken below