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If you remember OneDrive by Microsoft , is  was one of the best and most inexpensive cloud based storage offering 15GB of Free Storage which is highest in the industry and for users like me using Office 365 it was Unlimited  storage.


Well now things have changed , Microsoft has yanked away the 15GB free storage it was offering with Lumia , or upgrading the 5GB to 15GB for free if the users link their camera roll to OneDrive,  now it’s rolled back to just 5GB . Moreover the 100GB and 200GB plans are also being abolished with just 50GB for $1.99 a month plan coming and for Office 365 users , the storage has been decreased to just 1TB.

According to Microsoft , the change are made due to user misuse as a few users were backing up multiple PCs and storing entire movie collections and DVR recording , some reaching upto 75TB per User.


Now that surely is a misuse but does it justify penalizing all for a few miscreants . I don’t think so , with just 5GB of storage , Microsoft stands in line with Apple offering the same storage .

Are you angry at Microsoft to take away your GBs , or you are content with what you have , do let us know in comments.