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As I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the reasons I choose Lumia for my kid as it as Google’s Play  Store is rife with misleading and porn apps and now I have another reason to go for Lumia , Microsoft just removed 1500 misleading apps from the Windows Phone Store.

Due to earlier lack of developer interest in Windows Phone , the store started getting misleading apps like that of VLC player , for which there is no official app , but a ‘comparison’ app for $2.99 with VLC Player icon , misleading buyers into thinking they are getting the real VLC.

VLC Clone app on Windows Phone Store

As per Windows Blog the new guidelines for the Windows Phone and Windows Store includes

Naming – to clearly and accurately reflect the functionality of the app.

Categories – to ensure apps are categorized according to the app function and purpose.

Icons – must be differentiated to avoid being mistaken with others.

For developers who have not headed the earlier earning , are getting their apps removed and so far 1500 has been removed with more to follow

Most of the developers behind apps that are found to violate our policies have good intentions and agree to make the necessary changes when notified. Others have been less receptive, causing us to remove more than 1,500 apps as part of this review so far 

Keeping up with consumer centric approach , if you have purchased a misleading app , Microsoft is on your side and is willing to refund you the purchase price.

as always we will gladly refund the cost of an app that is downloaded as a result of an erroneous title or description

Does it convince you to shift to a Lumia yet ?