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Kids sure grow up fast , I remember my son playing borrowing my phone to play Angry Birds on it and now as he turns 13 and has demanded his own cellphone .  Some may not agree to give a cellphone to such a ‘young’ kid but given the law and order situation in my city , having a cellphone is now a must .

When choosing the first phone for the kid , there are plenty of choices , for me I don’t want my kid to have a ‘dumb’ phone and while Asha series does qualify as a feature phone but it got it’s limitations , I want my kid to have a phone which he can use and utilize.

The choices which we had were to choose from a Samsung Android or a Lumia model, while my kid wanted to go Android , due to a vast number of games , I convinced him to go for a Lumia 630 ( which I was already using thanks to Nokia Pakistan )

SenseApplied Lumia 630 1

I made this choice for him for a variety of reasons .


With kids , the world is not Black and White , they definitely don’t want their Dad’s phone and with Lumia 630 , the available colors made him spoilt for choices , available in Yellow , Orange , Green , Black and White , we went for the Neon Orange , of course , he can always change the color by changing the back covers available at Nokia Care.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 23.31.47


When giving a phone to a kid , the first thing you have to see is it’s sturdiness , I have seen my fair share of broken Samsung’s in my office and while Lumia is not totally invincible , at least they are much more sturdy then other brands available in the market  and with it’s Corning Gorilla Glass 3 , I’m at rest that the screen will remain a long time and with changeable covers , the scruff marked back cover can always be changed , so he doesn’t have to hide the eye catching orange in a dull cover.

SenseApplied Lumia 630 7

Child Friendly

One of the main reasons I went for a Lumia is that Windows Phone Store is safe for kids.  Scroll down the  most popular apps on an Android phone and there will a bunch of porn and Not Safe For Kids apps , meanwhile on Windows Phone Store, for now it’s safe from all the vulgarity. It could be due to be curated efforts of Microsoft or it’s less exposure to the ‘nasty’ developers,  I’ve found Windows Phone to be much safe.


For the Android users , which version of Android are you guys using , most will have a  version or two before the latest one , the reason being Samsung and the likes are too slow in pushing out latest updates for their phone, but on Windows Phone , especially on Lumia 630 it’s running the latest Lumia Cyan /  Windows Phone 8.1 so I don’t have to wait for the latest updates as all the latest features are already available on the device.

SenseApplied Lumia 630 screenshots 29

Office Compatibility

My kid is in 8th Grade and has to collaborate with his friends on his assignments and projects.  With Lumia 630, having builtin Office Mobile , he can always go through the documents his friends share with him.  We also have Office 365 subscription at our home which syncs his mobile documents with his laptop ones and with 15GB Free and 1TB Office 365 Storage on One Drive, he can’t easily run out of space ,while having access to all his assignments on the go , no more oops I forgot the work on my computer excuses .

SenseApplied Lumia 630 screenshots 19

Security and Safety

As I mentioned earlier , I got him the phone for his safety and security and with Find my Phone on Lumia , I can easily check his location and can ring or send him a message , for those wondering , this feature works in Pakistan  ( although maps need to work a bit , I use satellite maps to find locations ) . One thing which sets Find my Phone apart from others is that it saves location periodically so even if the phone runs out of battery or gets turned off , it can show the last approximate location.

The phone also makes auto backup of photos and documents in the cloud through One Drive makes it simple to have access of all the data in case , the phone gets lost , broken or stolen.

SenseApplied Lumia 630 screenshots 5

In general specs , Lumia 630 is not bad either equipped with 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor Snap Dragon Processor , 512 MB ROM ( I’d love to have 1GB on the next model ) , 8GB of Internal memory and support for upto 128GB of External SD Card , it has all the features my tween requires.