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I would fly to the moon & back if
you’ll be…
If you’ll be my baby
Got a ticket for a world where we belong 
So would you be my baby?

The song by Savage Garden , is perfect for Nokia and Vodafone when they join German space firm PTScientists in their quest to for privately funded Moon Landing in 2019 from Cape Canaveral on SpaceX Falcon rocket.

The Vodafone 4G network , partnered with Nokia will be first of it’s kind to live stream HD Video from Moon to global audience.  The network will also be used to connect the two Audi lunar Quattro rovers , developed specially for PTScientists , to the base station in Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module (ALINA) and Nokia will supply the space grade ultra compact network weighing less than 1KG for the purpose.

The connectivity will enable the Audi rovers to transfer scientific data and HD Video as they study NASA’s Apollo 17 lunar rover which was used in Dec’ 1972 by astronauts Commander Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt , the last persons to walk on Moon to explore Taurus-Littrow.

The 4G network will enable the Audi lunar quattro rovers to communicate and transfer scientific data and HD video while they carefully approach and study NASA’s Apollo 17 lunar roving vehicle that was used by the last astronauts to walk on the Moon (Commander Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt) to explore the Taurus-Littrow valley in December 1972.

This could be again One Small Step for Nokia /. Vodefone but a big leap for humanity , as just imagine if such a compact network equipment can broadcast from the moon ,imagine the implications it can have on earth connecting the unconnected and uncharted places.