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While Nokia stole the show at Mobile World Congress ’18 with their 8110 4G and Nokia 8 Sirocco , we tend to overlook that Nokia is also a technology company deeply into IoT and Wearables through their various acquisitions like Whitings and using their strength , Nokia and South Korea’s fashion brand , Kolon Industries along with Gina Software from Czech Republic has launched. high tech jacket for Rescue workers,  featuring Nokia electronics and Gina’s Mapping Software called the CHASE ( Connected Health and Safety Equipment ). LifeTech FR ( First Responder). jacket .

Don’t let the long name confuse you about the jacket  nor the bright neon color make you start , this jacket is one serious piece of hardware and means all business.

Equipped with Modular Sensors , it allows the wearer to check their data such as hear rate , temperature , GPS location and accelerometer  . These modules are placed in sleeve and chest of jacket are swappable to meet the needs of the wearer and to curtail costs or add more functionality as required and future expansions such as carbon monoxide sensors , body cams etc,

The data from the jacket is sent to the base station where Gina’s software system keeps track of the wearer and also their vitals and surroundings raising alarm in case of an emergency and help to locate the first responder .

Before you run out to buy one , the jacket is still in concept and will be made available in 12-18 months time at the undetermined price.

Till then we are also keeping our fingers crossed.

What’s your say about the jacket , do let us know in comments

Photo Credit : Engadget