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Yes , Nokia , the once leader in mobile phones is back , not so long ago , Nokia used to have 85% of the mobile market ruled with their Symbian platform , but alas they didn’t took their competitors seriously and lost it all to Apple , Samsung and others.

Even Microsoft was not able to revives Nokia devices which they bought in 2013 , and in 2017 , Nokia brand was given back to Nokia and HMD Global has now the rights to use the brand.

Today at MWC 2017 , Nokia has announced the revival of Nokia 3310 and three new android phones , the Nokia 3 , Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 .

In MWC 2010 , when I asked Dieter May , is Nokia planning to use an alternate platform then Symbian and she balked at the idea , but in technology the times change fast and by the next four years Nokia was wiped off the market.

With HMD Global , we are looking at great things to happen with Nokia and looking forward to get the devices in our hands soon.