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Nokia Pakistan Joins Daraz.pk to sell Nokia Phone Online

The internet scenario in Pakistan is quickly changing through mobile phones and other devices , where once we were llimited to just a PC or laptop to access the internet , now with mobile devices and 3G internet availibility more and more consumers are getting online and trends like online shopping and ordering are picking up speed giving rise to sites like Daraz.pk , Pakistan's largest online fashion shopping portal.

With 1.2 million hit a month from Pakistan, Nokia Pakistan has made a wise decision to join Daraz.pk to promote and sell their mobile phones.

Daraz.pk currently sells Nokia's complete range of Lumia, Asha , X Series and regular range and offers value to the consumers through exclusive deals like FREE Coloud headphone with Nokia Lumia 635

A quick view at Daraz.pk's website shows some lack of persuasion from Nokia Pakistan , which I think with a little bit of discussion they can cover.

First , when I go to Mobile Phones dropdown menu , why Samsung , Sony and even Blackberry are superseeding Nokia in the list , Nokia has to get themselves on the top.

On the main page , at the promo caroussel , it shows mobile phones but only Nokia X , while showing flagships of all other brands like Samsung , so Nokia can also get the picture ammended to show Lumia 930 or they can have one better by having a slide of them own.

Will you buy a Nokia phone from Daraz.pk or still prefer a brick and mortar store to purchase ? do let us know in comments

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