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Nokia X Project – The End

In a letter to Microsoft employees today, CEO Satya Nadella , has announced that they are shifting their focus from Nokia X Android Project more towards Nokia Lumia products , as per the letter  he said

we plan to shift select Nokia X product designs to become Lumia products running Windows. This builds on our success in the affordable smartphone space and aligns with our focus on Windows Universal Apps.

Following on his footsteps , Stephen Elope also mentioned in his letter

In addition to the portfolio already planned, we plan to deliver additional lower-cost Lumia devices by shifting select future Nokia X designs and products to Windows Phone devices. We expect to make this shift immediately while continuing to sell and support existing Nokia X products

Nokia X , Discontinued

We believe Nokia X is the first one to be booted out , as Microsoft is not offering any updates for it as in X2 Platform but buyers of Nokia X2 should also be vary as its probably the last Android by Microsoft.

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