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A hot rumor is circulating that Microsoft is seriously considering dropping Windows  Mobile in favor of Android .

MS For Android

If we look at the previous track record of Microsoft , it’s understandable , despite having spending billions in acquisition of Nokia , development of OS all the way to Windows Mobile 10 , there is no major achievement in sight , Microsoft (Nokia ) makes excellent and technologically advanced devices but it was the acceptability of OS which has kept them at bay while new comers like Xiaomi has become the leading players in the market.

The current shakeup at Microsoft in which the Nokia Trojan Stephen Elope and Jo Harlow are let go , seems like things are going to be much Green then Blue in Redmond .

The rumor mill is also saying that their is a possibility of Google developing version of maps , search and You Tube especially designed for Windows if Microsoft shifts their mobile focus to Android having Microsoft apps.

I’m looking forward to the day , as I can’t wait to see a Pureview Android device.

What do you think of the rumor , do let us know in comments

Image and Information Source –  WMPowerUser