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I like running , in the morning you can find me running on a treadmill and on weekends at the beach running in cool sand.  This weekend , I was at the beach with my kids , running with my iPhone 6 Plus stuck atop a Selfie Stick , taking photos of them riding the camel and horses etc , while I ran with alongside taking their pictures.

SenseApplied Camel Selfie

Well I’ll never do it ever again , atleast not with a iPhone 6Plus.

iPhone 6Plus has a known problem of loosing it’s far focus while being in one’s pocket while running as it messes with it’s Optical Image Stabilization which is the hallmark of iPhone 6 Plus over iPhone 6 beside it’s size.  Now I’m the one paying the price, with my iPhone 6Plus 128 GB loosing it’s capability to focus , just look at the pics below , it can capture the near objects as their no focus necessary, while the faraway objects are all blurry.

IMG_3851 IMG_3848

The only solution to this problem is to send the iPhone to Apple for device or Camera replacement , now I have a Canadian model and I live in Pakistan , so it seems like I’m screwed , thanks to Apple loosing their focus on quality control which they were known for.