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Running with iPhone 6 Plus could result in loss of focus


I like running , in the morning you can find me running on a treadmill and on weekends at the beach running in cool sand.  This weekend , I was at the beach with my kids , running with my iPhone 6 Plus stuck atop a Selfie Stick , taking photos of them riding the camel and horses etc , while I ran with alongside taking their pictures.

SenseApplied Camel Selfie

Well I’ll never do it ever again , atleast not with a iPhone 6Plus.

iPhone 6Plus has a known problem of loosing it’s far focus while being in one’s pocket while running as it messes with it’s Optical Image Stabilization which is the hallmark of iPhone 6 Plus over iPhone 6 beside it’s size.  Now I’m the one paying the price, with my iPhone 6Plus 128 GB loosing it’s capability to focus , just look at the pics below , it can capture the near objects as their no focus necessary, while the faraway objects are all blurry.

IMG_3851 IMG_3848

The only solution to this problem is to send the iPhone to Apple for device or Camera replacement , now I have a Canadian model and I live in Pakistan , so it seems like I’m screwed , thanks to Apple loosing their focus on quality control which they were known for.


  1. I have the same problem with my iPhone 6 Plus not being able to focus, although I don’t recall ever running with it in my pocket or anywhere else on my person. It was fine last week, now it wont focus on far away objects. That, needless to say, is a real disappointment when you consider what many of us paid for our phones.

    I contacted VZW and they’re shipping a replacement, but this is clearly a lack of proper workmanship on the part of Apple. The issue now becomes one of Apple being worth the extra money because they “just work.” This is clearly not the case for you or I or many others.

    I think I can say that this may be my last Apple purchase. Their technical issues seem to be getting more and more frequent, while the other manufacturers work out the bugs.

    Hopefully there will soon be a more widespread acknowledgment of this issue from Apple and a plan for what to do about it.

  2. The same problem is with my iphone too, so what should i do? i was considering getting its camera replaced. Would tht work?

    • I had to sent mine to US and they fixed the camera but didn’t replaced the phone . if your’s is of local warranty , you can talk to FutureTech , they are the authorized reseller in Pakistan


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