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If big is your thing , then you can’t go wrong with Samsung Galaxy View –  a 18.4 Inch , yes 18.4 inch android tablet geared towards movie buffs.

Samsung Galaxy View 2

Tipping the scale at 2.65 kg or 5.8 pounds , it measures a hefty 452mm x 276mm and 11.9mm thick ‘laplet’  powered by a OctaCore 1.6GHz processor , 2 GB RAM , 32GB Internal Storage and microSD support and running on Android 5.1 Lollipop.  The main feature of the laplet is the screen which comes at Full HD 1920x 1080 resolution , which we think Samsung could do better .

If you want to use it for video conferencing , well , it only has one front cam at 2.1MP resolution . For connectivity beside the usual Bluetooth and Wifi , there is also a nano SIM version ( to be launched later ) with LTE Connectivity.

All this is powered by a 5700 mAh battery  , rated for 8 hours of video playback.



Samsung Galaxy View Spec

You can have all this hugeness for just $599/-  for the WiFi version , the LTE version prices and carrier bundling is yet to be announced.

Now will you buy this giant of a tablet , I’m a movie buff too , but still at 18.4 inch , the tablet will prove to big for my taste , if I want big screen experience I can always switch to my Samsung UHD 4K TV , beside carrying a 2.85 KG of tablet will be a bit awkward on the street as there is no backpack of mine in which I can carry it.

Do let us know your thoughts in comments.