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As passengers of VS 11 – Virgin Atlantic Flight from Heathrow to Boston , were boarding the plane , they were in for a magical journey which started with when they got  handed a Linx 1.33 GHz , Quad Core Windows 8.1 Tablet.

handing out

But the magic didn’t end here , each tablet along with games had a special app to track Santa through NORAD’s Track Santa service and as they flew over GreenLand , the magic happened

Santa Landed

Suddenly , the roof became clear and their was a sleigh landed on top with Santa asking permission to come in so the reindeers can get some rest and he can get some refreshments

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 07.24.26


Santa then walked around the plane meeting kids and other passengers making the flight their most memorable ever.Santa in Plane

For kids and even adults , it was a magical moment brought together by Microsoft and Virgin Atlantic

Santa having fun Santa Selfie Santa FishEyeLittle Santas

Magical isn’t it, don’t you wish you could be on this magical flight , I do want to 🙂