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Drooling over the latest deal Amazon has posted on the must have gadget you’ve been craving forever and can’t seem to get it in Pakistan , well TCS , the leading courier service in Pakistan , has launched , TCS Hazir Amazon  service .

The service is simple , go to the Hazir Amazon  service , HERE , enter the URL of the item you want from Amazon and in a few hours you’ll get the quote from TCS , which you have to pay in advance to get the delivery.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 20.54.55

Now how much it costs , I went for a simple Spigen Samsung Galaxy s6 EDGE Protector costing $12.99 to see how much the service will cost and here is the breakdown I received

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 20.57.21Yeah just Rs 9614 or around $96 for a $12.99 .

Now I’m not new to importing stuff from Amazon to Pakistan through and the shipping charges are at par with what I have to pay , but charging Rs 3,780 ($37/-  approx) which they’ll be paying Amazon is absurd , even if they don’t have Amazon Prime , which I think they should if they don’t , the total cost should not exceed $20/-  .  The clearing charges of Rs 3146 is also extremely high , as per my experience if an item is below $100 value and less than 5 pounds in weight , Pakistan Customs does not bother with it and it passes through easily , so TCS could be bringing the goods in bulk to pay taxes on it , if that’s the case the shipping cost is too high .

Nothing in the quote sent to me by TCS makes any sense , it seems all they want is to fleece the poor consumer for the little gadgets they want .

What I’ve done about my screen protector , I went to Aliexpress and ordered the $4/-  screen protector with free shipping to Pakistan which I’ll get somewhere between 15-39 days in Pakistan