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Alexa or Amazon Echo , is a life savor in my house. In my room I use it for setting up alarms , controlling lights ( Philips Hue ) , listening to news updates and play music ( I got Amazon Prime ) . Lately , I have also been using it to play Nursery Rhymes and now my 18 month old has pick up the habit to start calling Alexa , Aleish.

Her fav, ‘ Aleish Ba Ba Black ‘ for Alexa to play Ba Ba Black Sheep . But sometimes I wonder that is it a good thing , making my daughter dependent on technology at this early age and that too voice controlled where she now doesn’t even have to swipe ( she can load her Mother Goose Club videos on YouTube Kids ) .

I’m confused , what are your thought about it

P.S I’m also putting Amazon Dot in my car to make it easy for me to play music while driving , hmm even I’m becoming dependent on Alexa