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iOS 8  beta is the new sensation for iDevices users, almost everyone wants to use and we don’t blame them ,  the OS is getting much refined in it’s newer release and although many will blame it to copy features from Android and Windows Phone , still it got an Apple flair to it making it so tempting.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 15.00.32

Having a developer account , I also jumped on the iOS8 bandwagon and immediately started regretting it ( the quick move not the OS )

I was happy with the OS , the added features especially the intuitive keyboard which predicts my next word and makes typing so much easier , the new Spotlight were all great features even the ‘copied’ features like Favorite contacts was also a welcome addition but the biggest issue was application compatibility.

So What Went Wrong ??  –  Read after the image

SenseApplied Apple iOs8 Keyboard


WhatsApp , which is my lifeline to connect with my friends , my office even my broker was not working and was crashing as soon as I type a message and try to send it , some groups even refused to open crashing the app.

Coursera also refused to  open , now it may not be important for some but for me , I’m taking some classes and needed it to proceed.

iCloud it works in iOS 8 but will not keep backups , Apple has recently cleaned all iCloud storage for iOS8 and could done so again.

My advice stick with iOS7.x.x and wait a little while for iOS 8 to get publicaly launched.

For me I’ve

 reverted back to iOs7.1.2 on my iPhone 5s but running iOS 8 on my iPad for trial purposes.