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With Windows 10 , Microsoft is entering a whole new era of integrated OS offering similar experiences be it on desktop , tablet or Phone.  At the announcement , you must have noticed Microsoft has dropped the Windows Phone monicker and now it’s just Windows 10 .


For Phones and tablets with screen sizes smaller than 8 inches , Microsoft has introduced a number of features including

Custom Wallpapers : Up until now on Windows Phone 8.1 , the wall papers were part of the live tile mosaic but now tiles will be atop the wallpapers same as in iOS or Android devices. This is an aesthetic feature and adds no real value to the experience.


One of the most confusing feature in Windows Phone was the Settings menu , with every update to a feature that feature moves down to the bottom of settings menu it has no meaningful approach to it , now finally Microsoft has realized it and have redesigned the Settings menu with a cleaner layout


A new action center is also in process for Windows 10 on phones , till now on Windows 8.1 , I only have the choice of 5 options on Action Center which are customizable , but now a’la Samsung , we can now toggle between 12 options

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 13.25.36

A floating keyboard is another development in Windows 10 , now instead of having the keyboard in the bottom , it can be ‘floated’ to the middle of the screen or where ever you want , so whether you are a leftie or a rightie , you can arrange the keyboard as per your liking


The pointer in keyboard, many missed this small precision pointer in the floating keyboard , now instead of tapping to select a word on screen , using the pointer , you can guide the cursor where you want it to be reminds me of the mouse knobs on old IBM / Lenovo Thinkpads

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 13.14.54

The Notification screen has also got enhanced with expandable notifications , just tap tap the downward pointing arrow and have a look at the complete notification, instead of launching that app

Notifications Windows-10-phone

Inline Replies on notifications is another great enhancement , now instead of going to the app and reply the text can be answered straight from the notification.

Windows 10 inline answering

New Office App with Word , Powerpoint , Excel and Outlook , with full ribbon bar , while Outlook  uses Word Engine to compose the emails.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 22.46.32

a new Album view is also in the works with photo enhancing tools such as red eye , face tagging etc

and the highlight of the show is Project Spartan , the new web browser from Microsoft

Project Spartan

Overall Windows 10 for devices is a game changing approach from Microsoft which takes it above their competitors , the only thing remaining is how they market it and how the market respond to their offerings.

For the current Lumia users on WP 8.1 ( Cyan /  Black ) rejoice , as Windows 10 will be available for all devices running Windows Phone 8.1 and will be a free upgrade.

For those wanting a early preview of Windows 10 , soon a Windows Phone Insider program will be launched which will enable us to try the Windows 10 ourselves and I can’t wait for it.