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Finally the day we all had been waiting for since Sep’2012 , when PTA blocked access to YouTube in Pakistan demanding YouTube / Google to have a localized version with inappropriate content censored as in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Finally the day is here and YouTube has announced  localized version not only for Pakistan but also for Srilanka and Nepal.  Now we can have a more ‘Tailored’ Version of the service with local content with focus on local languages and domains .

The users’s in Pakistan for instance will be seeing the site in Urdu , which is one of the 76 global languages , YouTube is customized in.

As per Google Spokesperson.  “We aim to provide an even more tailored YouTube experience by launching versions that are optimised for Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. We also hope that this will pave the way for the work of local creators, personalities, and musicians to shine on the world’s largest and most vibrant video community,”

We at SenseApplied , would like to Thank Google and YouTube Pakistan team for providing this opportunity to the people of Pakistan , cause we had been missing a massive learning resource which teaches us from mainstram to mundane , as I was using it last weekend on how to setup the brakes on my Hybrid bicycle before taking it out for a spin.

How do you use YouTube , do share with us in comments